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Spoon Farms is committed to producing 100% natural beverages while using only the purest ingredients.

About Us


Humble beginnings...

Spoon Farms is a family of unique individuals who possess integrity, diligence, creativity, and accountability.   The genesis of this company began as the Founder’s father grew 26 plum trees and a garden on 1.34 acres of land.  The plums and fresh produce were sold at local produce stands and also served to keep the family safe from pesticides that often infiltrated the produce sold in grocery stores.  The Founder of Spoon Farms suffered from digestive issues.  To treat the issue, the Founder created the Herbal Ginger Tea, the company’s staple item, to treat the digestive problems.  Experiencing how the tea alleviated his digestive problems, other’s decided to try the tea as well.  To the surprise of everyone who tried the tea, not only was digestion enhanced, but the tea assisted in lowering blood pressure, settling acid reflux, and fighting flu viruses and other symptoms.   Our unique ginger tea stands alone as the most genuine ginger tea on store shelves. As a result of our commitment to natural products we began our flavorful beverage line!

What we offer

The mission of Spoon Farms is to provide teas, new beverages, and tonics while also providing new salad         dressings, fruit preserves, children snacks, produce and much more. The vision of Spoon Farms is to become the number one organic company that naturally produces and offers healthy alternatives to foods and beverages that people most often consume.


Spoon Farms unique beverages are the Herbal Ginger Tea, Strawberry Lemonade, Blueberry Lemonade, & Natural Lemonade.  This healthy alternative is composed of all natural ingredients in comparison, to other drinks filled with sugars and other artificial flavors.  These products has a unique blend of various fruits and herbs and also uses  Brown Turbinado sugar (from Columbia) instead of bleached white sugar.  Because of its natural, yet refreshing taste these beverages offer a refreshing taste that could be drank with gourmet dinners, warmed to enhance the herbal benefits when sick, and drank chilled for simple pleasure.  

• Product shelf life 10mo.

• Hot fill filling process

• Base wholesale price $1.90

• Suggested retail price $2.49 - $2.99

• 1 case = 21 bottles… $39.90

• 1 Pallet= 30 cs……....$1,197.00 

• 1pallet= 630 bottles  - Discount on 

pallet pricing : $-3.00 per case: $1,107.00

• No minimum Purchase

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